Travel to the World is Open Again!

We’ve been waiting! Many have been waiting. It has been an unknown. Would we be able to travel to other countries in the world again? We just returned a few days ago from our first international trip with TransforMissional Travel since 2019. It was great! In fact, we are going again next month.

Our “Footsteps of Jesus” trip to Israel from 2020 finally happened 10 days ago. We had such an incredible time. Sure, there were a few extra hassles. Covid vaccines and boosters required, Covid tests before, upon arriving and again before returning home. Three tests in 12 days. But it happened. And our travelers were delighted, blessed and grateful to be in Israel. The group was only a third of the size of the original roster, but these “early adopters” were so happy they hung in there and saw the “Promised Land.”

The extra good thing about being one of the first groups back to Israel since they opened back up to international travelers was the mostly-empty biblical sites, lack of waiting in line, and no lines at dinner or breakfast. Our bus was often the only one in the parking lot at holy sites. And we were so welcomed by hotel managers, shop owners, and all of the rest. Nearly two years without international guests have been difficult. They were as grateful for us to be there as we were to travel once again.

We have another group going to Israel in March. We are anticipating there might even be less Covid testing and fewer restrictions. While this group is now closed due to the late date, we have a March 2023 option. People are signing up each week. If you want to travel to Israel, don’t wait too long. We will cap off the group at 45 persons.

And we have ONLY 6 more days left for additional travelers to join us for the “Footsteps of Radical Church Leaders” tour to Germany and Switzerland in June 2022. We had three more persons sign up today and there are only 5 spots left. The link for your registration is till open under the Upcoming Tours section of this website.

And, we still have plenty of openings for our September 2023 “Footsteps of Paul” tour if you are interested in an amazing tour of Greece, the Greek Islands and Turkey. Check it out!

Blessings to all of you,

Dennis & Linda

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