Travel to Israel is Resuming

Unless you have been totally off the grid, you are very aware that Israel was attacked by the Hamas terrorist group on October 7, 2023. Sadly, the war has continued on and many lives have been lost. Of course, travel groups going to Israel, came to a screeching halt. We made a decision in the late Fall to move our March 2024 group to our March 3-13, 2025 dates where we already had a tour completely planned and everything finalized. We have 19 travelers already registered for that 2025 tour and inquiries are increasing.

So, this is the latest news. As of this week, several European-based airlines (Lufthansa, Austria, Swiss Airlines) have resumed direct flights to Tel-Aviv from cities in Europe. At least two North American-based airlines (United and Air Canada) have scheduled direct flights to Tel-Aviv starting the first week of February. The point is, confidence in travel to Israel is building and our travel company, Imagine Tours and Travel, has scheduled groups for March of this year. Those groups going this Spring may not go up to the northern border with Lebanon but there are only two sites we visit there. Having traveled to Israel more than 15 times in the last 30 years, we fully expect that by the Spring of next year, March 2025, there will be peace agreements and a cease-fire in place and we won’t miss a single stop on our itinerary.

Now is the time to register for 2025! In fact, there is a $100 discount if you get your down payment of $500 in before March 3 of this year. Look for the registration link on our Upcoming Tours page and use the code Transform25 to sign up. And remember, you can invite friends or family from other places in the USA or anywhere in the world to join you on this trip of a lifetime. Last year, we had a couple from Japan join us for the walk in Jesus’ footsteps.

If you have any questions, email us at or call Linda at (239) 699-6617. She’ll be able to answer any of your questions or mail you or a friend a digital copy or a hard-copy of the brochure.

Blessings in the New Year,

Dennis Gingerich

P.S. – The 11-day 2025 “Footsteps of Jesus” tour has an optional 3-day Extension to Jordan so check those details out on the Upcoming Tours Page.

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