What Our Travelers Are Saying…

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The Israel trip was spectacular! For decades, Diana and I considered a trip to Israel. We are so glad we finally did it with you.  So much thought and preparation was evident in this trip. If you compare this trip to any other, we don’t see how any trip could have been better.

First, we had Roni as a wonderful guide. His knowledge was very deep and wide. Coupled with his humor, it made the trip enjoyable and educational.  It was so special to literally walk and sit in Jesus’ steps. 

Second, we had our own pastor in Dennis to provide us spiritual guidance. How special that was! You could stop there and be able to say that the combination of Pastor Dennis and Roni would make the trip better than any other. But wait, there is more! We had our own professional photographer. Dennis’ pictures were not only much better than ours (i.e., in focus), he also took many pictures that we didn’t so they now help us to remember what we saw.

Third, Linda, how much you added to the trip! We both loved the songs we did together. We enjoyed your personal testimonies. Linda, your worship leading, supported the trip like the third leg of a three legged stool.

Dennis, thank you for your part in dealing with airport security. There was a moment where Stuart wondered if he was going to make it on the plane with his CPAP machine. In an unflappable way, Dennis pulled out his Tour Leader name tag and dealt with the problem.  So much to thank you for!

Please pass on to Rick Ricart, our positive experiences with the trip and Imagine Tours. It was comforting to know that they had other representatives in Israel that could have helped with a problem. We definitely would consider them in the future.” ~Stuart D. (Cape Coral, FL)

“Thank-you for a memorable lifetime experience.  Words cannot express the personable warmth, patience, kindness and fellowship I felt. The trip was well organized from day one.  Our tour host Erez, was very knowledgeable, welcoming and made the tour exciting and fun.”  ~Carolyn D. (Cape Coral, FL)

“I want to thank you again for your dedication and thoughtful planning for Israel 2019 tour.  This trip was life changing for me because I learned so much.  The morning devotional on the bus and song selections were  a spiritual blessing for me.   The tour guide was exceptional and he makes the tour meaningful because of his knowledge on the sites. His skills and passion for the biblical subjects were exemplary.  My special moments were on the Sea of Galilee on the boat; floating in the Dead Sea and entering into Jerusalem.  When the song “Oh Jerusalem” started playing, I got tears in my eyes.  This was a very spiritual moment for all.  I have been telling others about the next trip in 2021 and projecting ten people or more from West Palm Beach.  I have six confirmed including myself.” ~Vivienne H. (West Palm Beach, FL) [This was her second trip with us]

“Dennis and Linda, I want to thank you both so much for preparing every day like you did for us to be positioned properly for God to move in our lives while we were in Israel.  The effort and time it took to do that was very evident and how well everything was planned out I thank you for your dedication to our group to provide us with such an awesome experience…the hotel accommodations and food we’re amazing, from top to bottom it was a vacation that was beyond my wildest dreams thank you for being a part of it!”  ~Sam I. (Schaumburg, IL)

“The trip to Israel far exceeded my expectations. I saw far more sights than I expected, kept far busier than expected, was more exhausted than anticipated from climbing those lousy uneven steps (ha!), met new friends, felt led on a personal journey by the expertise of our tour guide, loved the devotionals and music played on the tour bus each morning and end of the day, felt pampered in the hotels because of the excellent food, just LOVED our meal by the shore (thanks for the treat, Dennis and Linda!), and the list goes on and on. Not that I’m wanting to pay more $ the next time I go on this trip, I must say I felt like the trip was worth every penny I spent!! I plan on going again because my mind was reeling from the information and sights….there’s so much to take in and I couldn’t absorb it the first time ’round and that’s not because of the grief I’ve been walking through…there’s just SO much available to glean and devour both intellectually and spiritually…I feel like I barely tapped into it. I now understand what you’ve been telling me, Linda.”  ~Julia W.  (Willamina, OR)

“Kevin and I are so grateful that you decided to host the Imagine Tours trip to Israel. The devotions and music you chose were so inspiring and set the tone each day for the entire trip. You really went out of your way to make everyone feel loved and connected.  Our group was amazing. Everyone was so congenial and friendly. We connected with everyone on the trip and know we have made several new lifetime friends. Roni Winter, our tour guide, made each site come alive for us – sharing so much background and information with us in such an interesting and enjoyable way. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is a great communicator!  Our precious Lord was with us every step of the way – we could feel His overwhelming presence. Our lives are changed forever and we cannot thank you enough for all that you did to help make this dream come true.”  ~Jody W. (Bartlett, IL)

“Gary and I would like to thank you for a trip of a lifetime. As we planned for our trip to Israel, we had expectations and anticipations of how the Lord might use the time to help us to grow in Him. I need to tell you that our expectations were far exceeded. Your love and care for us was so evident. We knew that your hearts were too help us mature in the things of God each and every day. The devotions and music that you prepared brought us to a place of communion with the Lord that was so blessed. Our tour guide, Roni, from Imagine Tours, far exceeded our expectations as well. His knowledge of the Bible, history archaeology was astounding. And as he shared, and shared, and shared with us, we were all enriched and changed. The hotel accommodations were also wonderful. The food was the best we have ever had while traveling. We would highly recommend this trip to everyone. Our lives will never be the same.”  ~Lil H. (Itasca, IL)

Dennis and Linda were amazing tour hosts!  We had such an enjoyable time with them, because they not only organize the tour so that you have an adventurous time, but they also made it relaxing so you can easily soak up the information from them and their guide when learning about each site. They are very flexible, which is helpful in meeting the group’s needs- taking great care in making sure you as the traveler are enjoying your time, staying hydrated, laughing, and spending time in prayer and worship. They give a personal touch to their tours as they want for you as the traveler to have the trip of a lifetime! We would definitely be a part of a tour with them again! You won’t regret joining a tour with such an extraordinary couple! ~Andrew & Katie A. (Lakeland, FL)

Visiting Israel was one of my most memorable trips I have ever taken. I felt the closest to God in the fact that I walked in His footsteps. I also felt a sense of His presence. I never had any sense of fear or danger. I loved Israel and the food was delicious.  Pastor Dennis and his wife Linda are instrumental in making the trip a success. I can’t wait to be back with them. ~Vivienne H. (Loxahatchee, FL)

Dear Pastor Dennis and Linda, Thank you so much for hosting an epic trip to Israel.  It’s obvious you put much thought into all the details of this tour and so much of yourselves were woven into it.  David and I were blessed way beyond are greatest expectations and were so thrilled to be a part of this experience.  We have so many great memories and will hold this in our hearts forever.  I have already recommended this tour to several people and hope some will join you next time. You both have a special anointing for this.  Thank you for being faithful to the call.  Pam P. (Cape Coral, FL)