There are two opportunities to join travel hosts Pastor Dennis and Linda Gingerich next year! We would love to have you travel with us on one or more of these two great trips we have planned. Here’s more.

FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS. Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus is like no other tour we offer. It will be our 28th year of offering this opportunity to explore both Old and New Testament locations in Israel. With a one year interruption due to the October 7, 2023 attack on Israel, groups from around the world are again traveling in Israel. We still have room for you March 3-13, 2025. (And there is a three day optional extension to Jordan if there are enough who sign up). We are so eager to get back to Israel to see our incredible guide, Erez Berkowitz, and many other friends we’ve made during the nearly twenty times we’ve taken groups there. We have absolutely no concern about the safety of traveling in Israel. We find that the only people who try to discourage people from traveling to Israel are those who have never ever been there. So ironic. Frankly, there are places in some of our USA cities we’re much more hesitant to travel than to Israel. Here’s the link for more details or to register:

FOOTSTEPS OF RADICAL CHURCH LEADERS. We are hosting another tour next year to Switzerland, France and Germany to feature Martin Luther’s Reformation and to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Anabaptist movement. We will start in Geneva, Switzerland and make our way north through one of the most scenic parts of the earth, with an overnight stop in Strasbourg, France, and ending in Berlin, Germany. The dates are May 26 – June 4, 2025. Earlier this month, we selected our guide, Matthias Kort, after spending 7 days with him and his lovely wife Sara on a river cruise through Germany, Netherlands and Belgium (more info on adding river cruise opportunities is coming for 2026). He grew up in East Germany until the “wall” came down when he was 27 years old. Sara grew up in Italy. They are now both dynamic tour guides for groups traveling all across Europe. We will have Matthias for our guide on this tour next year. Here’s a link to their website if you want to learn to know them better. And we have a link ready for you to get all of the details and to register:

NEED MORE INFO OR HAVE QUESTIONS? Linda is usually the one to answer the questions and help you with any details. You may email her at or call her cell at (239) 699-6617.

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