Secret Galilee Gallery

Our friend and Israel guide, Erez B’Galil, just opened up a website Secret Galilee Gallery to help some of the artisans near where he lives in the Galilee area. If you invest 30 minutes, you can also watch a video he recently produced to introduce people to the famous historian of Jesus’ time, Flavius Josephus. The video also focuses on many modern day Galilee area folks who are making history by producing some amazing art products (that are also available for sale). We would love to have you meet our friend, Erez through this video. Or better yet, you can meet Erez in person on one of our next transformissional trips to Israel. We have just a couple open seats on our March 2021 tour but lots of space yet on our March 2022 tour. Check the Upcoming Tours section of this website. Have a blessed day!

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