One Day

I pray this for the United States and for the whole world! ONE of the MANY reasons we love to introduce our friends and acquaintances to the people of the Middle East. Our USA media portrays mostly fighting and hatred among those of Arab and Jewish descent. Our TransforMissional Tours to Israel always include our Jewish guide and our Muslim bus driver. Both are good friends of ours… and each other. In addition to the amazing historic places we visit, one of the most transformational experiences for our mostly Christian travelers, is to be in oneness, unity, friendship and close proximity with Muslims and Jews day after day.

This video and song, was done a couple years ago by Matthew Paul Miller, known by his Hebrew and stage name Matisyahu. He is an American Jewish reggae singer. This orchestration took place in Haifa, Israel on Valentine’s Day 2018. Incredibly, 3,000 Muslims and Jews (none of whom had met before) were invited to come together and learn the song “One Day” by Matisyahu. They learned the song in under an hour. Not only that, but they learned how to sing and harmonize the lyrics in 3 different languages. The resulting concert, which was made in collaboration with Beit HaGefen, the Haifa Municipality, and the Port of Haifa, is a breathtaking display of unity and beauty. This is our prayer for our world!

Enjoy the 4 minute concert video at the link below the photo.

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