She Comes From Suncoast…


She comes from Suncoast…


You know the place… you have one in your county too.   For us in Lee County, of Southwest Florida, it’s Suncoast. The neighborhood you cringe to think of living in. “Those” people who live in Suncoast…. uneducated, poor, often unkept, and have little to nothing to offer society. They are going nowhere and seem to take advantage of the “system.” The trailer parks, the “white trash.”

I think you have a place in mind too. You know what I’m talking about.


Many times as a labor and delivery nurse in Cape Coral, Florida, I have had laboring patients that come from Suncoast. All I have to do is walk in the room, take one look, and I know where she is from. Often, all I have to do is catch the odor as I walk in the room…yep…Suncoast.


Nazareth Carpenter

I am confessing right now. I have a pre-conceived idea and picture of this woman before I even begin the shift. Then as I talk to her, hear her story, see the sad condition of the relationships she is in…find out that the father of this newborn child laboring to arrive into this world, is not involved…

…My heart is pricked!


How can I be so fortunate? Why am I the blessed woman that I am? I have a husband who adores me, three adult children, their spouses and four beautiful grandchildren who love me, respect me and would do anything for me if I were in a crisis.


It’s then I am reminded…I am who I am only by God’s grace… because of a man who was born and raised in the “Suncoast” of Israel…Jesus of Nazareth.



Linda Gingerich…

A transformissional learning from my visits to Israel



3 thoughts on “She Comes From Suncoast…

  1. Wow, how we are all guilty of judging from what we see on the outside without really SEEING them. Thank you for the reminder Linda. We are ALL children of the KING equal in HIS eyes as they should be in ours.

    1. Yes Sandra…and I was reminded again yesterday by Pastor Jeff’s message…anyone of “those people” could be the future mother of a King!!

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